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Healthy Living Through Tai Chi Chuan

Sacramento, CA US

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Janny Wu, also known as Wu Xiaohong, is a seasoned Tai Chi and Qigong instructor with over 15 years experience in teaching people of all ages. Janny’s desire is to share with people the many benefits of practicing Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and through that practice encourage the body to feel younger and healthier.

Janny Wu trained in China and has achieved a sixth Wushu Duan ranking. Master Janny Wu is a disciple under the fifth generation in the Yang Tai Chi family tree of master Zhao Youbin. Janny is skilled in traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan 85 form and 37 classic form as well as Tai Chi Sword and Tai Chi Fan. Janny also trained with the fifth generation of Wu style Tai Chi descendant Zhai Wei Chuan and the fifth generation of Bagua descendant Huo Dongli.

Janny Wu has been teaching Tai Chi and Qigong in the Sacramento area since 2007. She and her strong community of students make up the Tong Xin Tai Chi Association. Janny's teachings enable students to feel easy and comfortable as she takes into account each student's needs and maximizes the healthful benefits of their Tai Chi practice.


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For ages 50+.  This low impact form of ancient Chinese exercise emphasizes balance, strengthening, and relaxation. The gentle movements are performed slowly and encourage relaxed breathing. Beginners are welcome. According to the Mayo Clinic Staff, the benefits of tai chi include: Decreased stress and anxiety, Increased aerobic capacity, Increased energy and stamina, Increased flexibility, balance and agility, Increased muscle strength and definition.

$25 / five-punch card
Mon 10:30 to 11:30 AM the Hart Senior Center
Instructor: Sabitre Rodriguez


Through the practice of Traditional Yang style: 8 form & 28 form, we will help to improve the body's balance. Practice will help relieve anxiety and chronic pain and can also help prevent cardiovascular disease. This class is for all ages, and is especially suitable for office workers.

我们会学到什么?我们通过练习传统杨式太极拳 筑基8式和


疾病,心血管疾病和慢性疼痛。适合于所有年龄的人, 尤其是


从五月19日开始上课,每周一、四 晚 上7:30-8:45

Once a week class (Thu) $40 for 1 month, $70 for 2 months, $95 for 3 months
Thursdays 7:30 to 8:45 PM at ACC Senior Services

Twice a week class (Mon & Thu) $65 for 1 month, $120 for 2 months, $165 for 3 months
Mondays and Thursdays 7:30 to 8:45 PM at ACC Senior Services

Instructor: Janny Wu


This Introduction to Yang style T'ai Chi is to learn the world's most popular contemporary exercise routine, improve your personal health, in a relaxing setting, and gain new friendships with a common goal of caring for ourselves.

Learn the the natural flow of the Yang 24 T'ai Chi and treat your whole body to a gentle and relaxing workout.
The instructors use the principle of chi flowing properly throughout the body to maintain the equilibrium of yin and yang. Regular practice of these forms will develop better balance and flexibility, gain strength, promote deep relaxation, and improve health.

Ba Duan Jin (the eight section brocade Qi gong exercises) is comprised of eight body movements that can be practiced for any age, at any place or time. It is easy to remember, easy to learn and easy to practice. This Qi Gong exercise satisfies the goal of strengthening tendons, improving bone strength, while massaging the internal organs.

(New students are always welcome -- No prior experience necessary. Suggest wearing loose fitting clothes and flat sole shoes. The goal is to teach an exercise routine that one can be practice throughout your lifetime. Come visit, first participation or observation always Free.)

$5 per class
Mon 6 to 7 PM at ACC Senior Services
Instructor: George Bonilla or Valen Lee




Learn traditional Yang Tai Chi 85 form. Warm up exercises include portions of a variety of Qigong forms.
$40 monthy
Mon, Wed, Thu 7:30 to 9:00 AM (with instruction) at
William Land Park or Greenhaven Pocket Area as an alternate indoor location

Tue, Fri 7:30 to 9:00 AM (student practice / no instructor) at Reichmuth Park or William Land Park or Greenhaven Pocket Area as an alternate indoor location
Instructor: Janny Wu