Master Janny Wu

Healthy Living Through Tai Chi Chuan

Sacramento, CA US

(916) 508-7939

Janny Wu, also known as Wu Xiaohong, is a seasoned Tai Chi and Qigong instructor with over 15 years experience in teaching people of all ages. Janny’s desire is to share with people the many benefits of practicing Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and through that practice encourage the body to feel younger and healthier.

Janny Wu trained in China and has achieved a sixth Wushu Duan ranking. Master Janny Wu is a disciple under the fifth generation in the Yang Tai Chi family tree of master Zhao Youbin. Janny is skilled in traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan 85 form and 37 classic form as well as Tai Chi Sword and Tai Chi Fan. Janny also trained with the fifth generation of Wu style Tai Chi descendant Zhai Wei Chuan and the fifth generation of Bagua descendant Huo Dongli.

Janny Wu has been teaching Tai Chi and Qigong in the Sacramento area since 2007. She and her strong community of students make up the Tong Xin Tai Chi Association. Janny's teachings enable students to feel easy and comfortable as she takes into account each student's needs and maximizes the healthful benefits of their Tai Chi practice.


"Tai chi, which originated in China as a martial art, is a mind and body practice. Tai chi is sometimes referred to as 'moving meditation' - practitioners move their bodies slowly, gently, and with awareness, while breathing deeply."    - NCCAM

If you are new to Tai Chi Chuan or would like more information about its health benefits, you may find the following references of interest. Probably the best way to gain an understanding is to just try it out and feel the health benefits directly. Master Janny Wu is an experienced teacher for people who are new to Tai Chi or Qigong as well as for those who already have years of experience. Healthy living through Tai Chi Chuan is something that can start at any age and can last a lifetime.

"The benefits of tai chi include: Decreased stress and anxiety, Increased aerobic capacity, Increased energy and stamina, Increased flexibility, balance and agility, Increased muscle strength and definition."    - Mayo Clinic Staff
"Tai Chi training has significant benefits for common cardiovascular risk factors, such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, poor exercise capacity, endothelial dysfunction, and depression."    - eCAM
"Some of tai chi’s potential perks include: Improved strength and better balance, Reduced pain and stiffness, Enhanced sleep, and Increased immunity to shingles."    - WebMD

Here's a four minute video which aired on KCRA channel 3. It describes Tai Chi and interviews some of Janny Wu's students who practice together on weekday mornings.